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    Jenn Beachly
    December 31, 2022

    I cannot praise this man enough! I called Tim on a Friday night about a leak, not only did he come out within 24 hours, he came out on New Years Eve!! He assessed the situation and repaired a leak and it’s such a relief as the rain has been non stop for weeks. So to break it down- Came within 24 hours of calling Came on a weekend Came on a holiday eve Came on his Birthday!!! No predatory charges either, he is heaven sent and I’m so grateful for Tim. Clients for life!

    Hannah Horsfall
    August 13, 2021

    I arranged for Tim to come look at a project and give us a bid. He did not show up at the time we scheduled and did not call or text either before to let me know he couldn't make it, or after to reschedule. I contacted him and rescheduled for the next day, and again Tim did not show up or contact me at all. Very unprofessional.

    Lonnie E
    November 06, 2018

    We appreciate Pro Home Advisory. The work is excellent and Tim was willing to help with the many items on my to - do list. He did not say no to any of my requests which was a big load off my mind. I would highly recommend Tim and his crew.

    Ryan Baker
    November 29, 2018

    I called Tim after one of my rentals flooded from the bathroom sink. Tim went above and beyond. He agreed to add us on to the end of the day, at 7pm. He also picked up the parts and rented a dehumidifier for me. He replaced the faucet inspected for possible water damage. He was very efficient and a good value for the work performed. I will be using him again and recommend him highly.

    Lisa Mauldin
    September 20, 2019

    I don't normally write reviews but absolutely had to in this case. We hired Tim to do a small project in a home we recently purchased, to install a storage rack in our garage. He was courteous, responsive and fair in pricing. He did have to come back and repair it, as it pulled out of the ceiling as soon as we put weight on it. We took it in stride and got a few more bids from him for other projects. We hired him to build a new fence and replace two gates. The list of issues is lengthy. I understand that Tim works another job full time outside of this company. He was rarely on the job site and the crew he sent over was a revolving door and most of them were lacking in work ethic. We had several neighbors ask him for bids on similar projects, then decided not to hire him after seeing his crew in action, or lack thereof. He really needs to have a foreman to manage his jobs in his absence. The project took far longer than anticipated and I'm sure cost him more than he anticipated in labor. The fence ended up being a shabby mess. There were multiple gaps in the fence uniformity. There were fence boards that weren't even nailed in and started to warp within a couple of weeks. There were 2 x 8 trim boards that were not secured and peeled away from the fence. The gates were uneven, not hung properly, boards not secured properly, with huge gaps that left an open view of our yard and home from the street. At one point, Tim had auto issues and could not get here to finish the job. Again, I understand things happen. My issue is that he just stopped communicating for 3 days. We assumed he was not coming back and were about to hire someone else to finish. He finally resurfaced. We shared that we were very unhappy with the lack of communication. No response about that but he made a plan to come back and finish. He then sent his brother, who was late, and stated Tim had to work his other job. I reviewed all the issues with his brother, who acknowledged and agreed that there were many things that needed to be redone or finished. He made a plan to return the next day since it was getting late in the evening and more work needed to be done than what Tim had told him. It rained the following day..I texted the brother to ask if waiting til the rain passed would be better. Never heard anything else from Tim or his brother. The lack of professionalism and accountability is unreal. Early in the fence project, we also hired him to rebuild a closet that had been damaged from water. Another long story, but ended up costing us another $1800 to fix that one. Save yourself a lot of headaches and additional expense...HIRE SOMEONE ELSE.

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