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    Ashley Ecker
    October 10, 2022

    I'm always looking for yummy vegan places to go out to eat at. I've always been a huge fan of Indian food and flavors. I had seen Govinda's pop up on searches I had made in the past and had filed it away to try another time. One day my husband and I were out and about running errands and we were feeling pretty dang hungry. I set the maps to Govinda's and didn't tell my hubby where we were going. Upon arrival it looked like a cute little eatery and I was excited to go in. The smells as you enter were wonderful and inviting. The music was soothing and the gentleman behind the counter was extremely helpful and kind. We chatted about travels and food and he was just a very nice person. The prices were great! Especially for the delicious food you get (and lots of it I might add) and the service that goes with it. This is my new favorite place for a quick bite out that is not only healthy but honestly tasty and vegan. I can't wait to go back and try more offerings!

    McKenzie Leedom
    September 08, 2022

    Short: Cheap, hot, delicious. Good Service. Long: . Apparently Govinda is a Hindu name that means several things, but Google especially wanted me to know that Govinda is the supreme being who can be known through the senses. Which makes me think they chose that name to suggest eating their food will bring you closer to God. 😆 In which case they may have succeeded. The old white fella manning the kitchen runs the whole operation buffet style and offers up a lot of patience to nee customers. And if you’re in a hurry, he’ll hurry up with you. There are two prices — a $5 small plate, and a $10 large plate. the $10 is big, more than twice, almost three times the size of the small plate. He will offer you his homemade protein crackers, which despite my initial skepticism are delicious and would make a killer snack. There are always three kinds of chutney, which is awesome. Small Dining area is often full. Take out is common and easy. I think this place is one of those examples of where simplicity encourages perfection. Don’t live in Eugene and avoid this food, Govinda’s is actively improving this city, especially River Road, every day that it is open.

    Mary Ann Jimerson
    October 06, 2022

    OMG, we have not been here in years....had the $10 plate special w/ salad w/ miso dressing and everything from the hot bar plus a sample of the vegatable soup, 10 stars!!!. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy the great food here! Thank you so much for feeding my heart ❤️

    Kat Apaa
    September 02, 2022

    Such a wide variety or delicious vegan recipes, and positive energy

    May 14, 2018

    It can be a good price if you don't eat a lot and pay by the weight....Sarah! This use to be an old dairy queen or kfc can't remember? inside is a nice indian design. I don't like people that tried the food one night and wrote a review, no place is perfect all the time. You have to find out what your favorite dishes are here. You could pay for samples by the weight until you get to know his food. The new soup of the day and before 5pm the main entree are posted on twitter at Govindas buffet or just ask, What's for dinner Dave! David the owner is very nice. There is also a different mixed veggie dish. The rest of the stuff is always the same and I love most of it. I love that most of the food is not too spicy, for people like me that are hypersensitive and having burning tongue with spicey food (coconut oil does help it), sodas and sometimes citrus, vinegar, tomato. For the people that enjoy spicey maybe he should have something set aside to add spice. My favorites are his creamy soups using coconut milk, yam, tomato, can't wait to try the brocolli soup. Love the corn chowder and veggie soups too. My fav main entree I've tried so far are tofu lasagna, eggless quiche, brocolli casserole, Govindas potatoes and a new one I had penne pasta & veggies with cheese on top unless I take it all. Daily flavors for halavah are nice. Large pappadum chips (beans & rice flour, coconut oil) are good. My fav dressing is the sesame, but after reading reviews i think I will sample some others. I like the gluten free (brown rice pasta) with carrots and peas, fav breads are pumpkin raisin and banana. Coconut curry over rice or iddlis is yummy.

    Govinda’s Vegetarian

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