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    Eileen F
    June 27, 2022

    Came here happily again. I had the Huevos Rancheros & couldn't finish the dish. I don't need them to come with hashbrowns or homefries, thats for sure! This is now my new favorite dish. I ordered it without green chilis, because I don't like hot spicy anything. Once I received my plate, I deconstructed it & put half my Egg, Cheese, Tomatoes, Sour Cream & Refried Beans in one of the halves of half a Tortilla & did the same with the other 1/4 of the Tortilla. I will have a VERY hard time not ordering this each time I come here now! I did taste the Salsa that came on the side & it had great flavor but it was way too hot/spicy for my wimpy palate. My dining partner had the huge Countryside Breakfast & enjoyed every single bite. Looking forward to my next trip back. I am adding the photos from this meal now. Debra wasn't here this time, but our servers were both very nice. I have been here to Countryside numerous times, previously with friends & I thought that I had reviewed it already! Sorry y'all. Anyhow, I have had Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Pizza here, with NEVER a bad meal or service. I have came out here to the attached Bar, Happy Hours & watched my numerous friends with Bands perform, while I danced the night away. I can't tell ya anything about the drinks here, because I don't drink alcohol but, my friends have all told me, that Happy Hours does pour a pretty strong drink. I will catch up with more photos, as I return back here again. Today we decided on Breakfast, because my Son & DIL had not been here before. My Countryside Bendict was beyond delicious. My Blue Cheese Crumbles were fresh & creamy, not tart or tangy bordering on bad, like I have experienced at other Restaurants. The Hollandaise Sauce here is the best I have had around town. I will ask for extra next time, because it's that good. I was thrilled at the amount of crispy Bacon on my Benedict & the cook got the way I like my Eggs, perfect. I always ask for my Eggs to be cooked hard/well & most cooks refuse to poach Eggs that way & that always forces me to have to send my order back, which I HATE doing. Debra our server was an absolute delight & she also was instrumental in getting my Eggs cooked my way. The English Muffins were toasted just right, so when I cut off bites of my dreamy Benedict, I wasn't having to saw through Bready Leather, as has happened at other Restaurants. The Hash Browns were expertly crisped (but not crisped dry), with flecks of tiny squares of grilled onion throughout. I really enjoyed the flavor. We all ordered Decaf & whatever company/roaster they use, is super, because it was strong & flavorful. My Son ordered the Shrimp Omelette, add Onions, minus Tomatoes, with Hollandaise Sauce & a side of Sausage Gravy for his Home Fries. His Home Fries were nice & Soft, not dried out Potato chunks, as he has sadly been served elsewhere. Here they put Onions & Bell Peppers in their Home Fries, which my Son said was great. He also ordered a Handmade Biscuit & said it was yummy. My DIL ordered the Build Your Own Omelette, but I forget all she put in it, besides Cheese, Spinach & Linguica. She got the same as my Son, the Biscuit, the Sausage Gravy & the Home Fries. She said she liked everything too. Our server Debra said she was new, but she sure didn't seem new, she was on top of her game & an absolute pleasure to interact with. The Restaurant is a long time establishment here in Eugene & I wish more folks would add it to their radar. As I said before, I have eaten a lot of different types of meals here, without disappointment. For those who follow me, my Sneeze-o-meter was zero here, which means, no chemicals, artificial junk, preservatives, flavor enhancers or weird stuff is used in the creation of the FANTASTIC food here! I hope y'all will come here & give them a try. Once you do, you'll be a regular, guaranteed. ♡

    Andrew Mattheisen
    February 16, 2022

    These two pizzas cost on their menu page on Google should have cost 33 dollars total. I was surprised when they told me the “ supreme” pizza was 39 dollars itself when I arrived. They gave me a little discount from 70 dollars to 48 dollars for the two pizzas and when I opened the box they weren’t the thing I ordered. Lastly, the pizza wasn’t done. The dough was cold and half cooked. The worst pizza in town, not to mention it took about fifteen minutes just to pay the lady. These pizzas were worth 10 dollars tops if you like eating raw dough. They even had to yell at the kid making the pizza because he was wearing headphones while cooking.

    Kamyl Cole
    July 09, 2022

    Disgusting! The pizza is overpriced (40 bucks) for what tastes like it all came out of a can. Raw dough and half of the pizza was not even cut into slices. You can also pay almost 10 dollars for a tiny serving of tiny shrimp presumably from whatever can the shrimp on their pizza comes from. Best part of this travesty was the overdone mushrooms and rings but you couldn’t even send the ranch. We spent 70 dollars for a meal we’d much rather of had from Little Caesar’s for 10 bucks. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Save your money or if you want to have fancier pizza spend it for a good pizza at Roaring Rapids.

    Conrad Yubeta
    January 28, 2023

    For how expensive it was, I was kind of disappointed. The Taco Salad looked very appealing in the picture, and upon arrival, there was next to no meat. It was very disappointing. There are fast food joints that put more meat in for cheaper. I'd be willing to bet the other food is tastier but don't order the taco salad because it was barren.

    Miranda Pierson
    February 04, 2023

    Waitress was nice, but the food was bland and expensive for what it was. We were the only customers the entire time and it still took a long time for two burger orders to come out. They also did not have sweet potato fries so we changed to regular fries, which they chose to substitute for sidewinders without asking or telling us. $3.25 for a soda. I'm glad we checked this place off our list, but we will not be back.

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